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Call center application design


Let me first explain a little bit about our application.

We have a customer who gets about 500 minutes per department in incoming calls via their 800 number. The human routers at their call center then route these calls to one of the 1000s of appropriate long distance phone number. Almost all of these incoming calls are redirected to a long distance call.

We're working with the customer to automate this. Instead of human routers, we would like to develop a Windows application will automatically route these calls using database lookups. The calls currently are handled with a PRI circuity with 10+ DIDs and 10 DOD.

Since I'm very new to telephony I would like some leads on where to start. I did some research and Cisco Callmanager showed up as one of the application I can use. Can someone point me if I'm going on the correct path for our solution? Thank you.



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Re: Call center application design

How are routes selected by the "human routers" is it based on calling party number or some information the caller gives the operator?

Re: Call center application design

Also.. does the customer currently have a Call Manager? Reading your question makes me doubt that and if he has another PBX, you may just be in the wrong forum.

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