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Call Center Functions

I am in the process of determining if VOIP is more accessible and flexible compared to an existing, traditional PBX system. I cannot find whether VOIP provides the call center functions like a PBX system (i.e. call duration reports, number & times for an extension report, etc.) Also, I did not find any information in regards to calling pools, fall overs on extensions, etc. and if that is handled at the extension (phone) or in the call switching module. Any help or direction to more specific details would be appreciated.

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Re: Call Center Functions

Another question - IP PBX is another means of implementing VOIP and is this intended for systems already RJ11? What kind of VOIP system be implemented where the connection to the phones is RJ11 but the truck lines outbound are T1 / IP based? Thanks again.

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Re: Call Center Functions

The call center funtionallity is an addition to the IP PBX (CallManager is Cisco's IP PBX), and requires another application layer in your environmnet.

Cisco has 2 contact center applications, IPCC Express (up to 300 agents) and IPCC Enterprise for enterprise level customers, from architetural perspective these are completely different products, and off course prise is different.

Take a look a tht following linke for more information:

Most legacy PBX features are available on CallManager, you'll need to be more specific on "calling pools, fall overs on extensions".

take a look at CallManager documentation for more details:



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Re: Call Center Functions

Hey Chris,

Good answer here :) 5 points on this one (I didn't know where to start)

Take care,


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