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call coverage does not work

Personal preference is not working


I have a hunt group and i have choosen to use personal preference, for some reason after the timeout the phone does not forward the call to the phone settings under call forward no coverage.


Re: call coverage does not work

When the call distributed through the hunt list is not answered in a specific period of time, this field specifies the destination to forward the call.

Choose from the following options:

Use Personal PreferencesUse this check box to enable the Call Forward No Coverage (CFNC) settings for the original called number that forwarded the call to this hunt pilot.

The CFNC setting specifies a call forwarding reason that you administer in the Directory Number Configuration window. Calls get diverted based on the value in the directory number's Coverage/Destination field when a call to the directory number first diverts to coverage, and coverage either exhausts or times out, and the associated hunt pilot for coverage specifies Use Personal Preferences for its final forwarding.

Note When this check box is checked, Cisco CallManager ignores the settings in the Destination box and Calling Search Space.

DestinationThis setting indicates the directory number to which calls are forwarded.

Calling Search SpaceThis setting applies to all devices that are using this directory number.

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