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Call Disconnects with a vic-2fxo,

Here's one. i have a cisco 2620 with a vic-2fxo, and a 7940 IP phone. i am not using CME or anything like that. just have it setup so i can use it over my regular analog phone on my desk. when i call anyone in house, as soon as they pick up. the call disconnects. has anyone experienced this?


Re: Call Disconnects with a vic-2fxo,

A router with primary-ni switchtype will not be able to interoperate with switches that sends CLID/CLIP/CLIR information in FACILITY messages. The router does not accept the FACILITY and disconnects the call.

The High-Density Analog Voice/Fax Network Modules (NM-HDA) for the Cisco 2600 series and Cisco 3600 series routers support Local Voice Busyout (LVBO) features. The busyout monitor command can be configured under NM-HDA voice-ports to permit busyout monitoring of local interfaces or remote IP interfaces via Service Assurance Agent (SAA) probes. These features can be configured and can be saved to Non-Volatile RAM (NVRAM) successfully, but on a router reload, the boot-time parser rejects the busyout monitor commands.

Any busyout monitor command configured under a voice-port on a NM-HDA will disappear from the running-configuration if the router is rebooted. This problem does not occur on VIC-2E/M, VIC-2FXS, and VIC-2FXO voice-ports housed on the NM-1V and NM-2V products.

Issue a copy startup-config running-config to re-assert the missing commands

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