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call flow (should this work)

I am trying to dial an extension from an external number (it has DID) this is the call flow

External device ---> Main GW---->CM---->Route Pattern----> Remote h323 GW--->FXS port--->device

I can call the device from other internal devices but not using its DDI, should this work?

below is the config of dial peer

dial-peer voice 3893 pots

destination-pattern 3893

progress_ind setup enable 3

progress_ind alert enable 8

progress_ind progress enable 8

progress_ind connect enable 8

fax rate disable

port 2/1

forward-digits all

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Re: call flow (should this work)

I am assuming that 3893 are the last 4 digits of the DID. All you need to do on the CCM is to create a route pattern 3893 and point it to the H323 GW, which where the FXS port is configured as:

voice-port 2/1

connection plar opx 3893

make sure that the the Main GW configuration in CCM has significant digits set correctly.

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Re: call flow (should this work)

thanks for your help, the digits coming in are actually 321893 which come through the main mgcp gateway, the go into cm to a translation pattern to remove the 32 and then replace 1 with a 3, so it becomes 3839, then there is a route pattern which send 3893 to the a another h.323 gw and then out off the fxs port.

when I dial from an external phone I can see the call procedding but do not hear ringing this end..

also a ccapi debug shows the call hiting the fxs gw,

do I need this command for it to work?connection connection plar 3893


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