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Call Forward All issue

I have a stange issue with Call Forward All,

Scenario 1:

User forwrds his phone to his cell phone and some one intetnally dials the 6 digit extntion and the call goes to cell phoen and if not answered goes to the VM of cell phone everythign is ok.

Scenarion 2:

User forwards the call to his cell phone. Some one calls the main number and enters the 6 digit exteniosn in AA, The call now rings on Cell phone and hangs up after 2 & 1/2 rings.

This seems to eba issue with some timer. I Increased the Call forward No Answer timer to 16 seconds from default 12, but did not hlep

any ideas

Cisco Employee

Re: Call Forward All issue

Sounds like something is breaking when VM tries to release the transfer. I assume VM is configured for blind transfers. Here are a couple things to try either for troubleshooting or as a workaround...

- use supervised transfers

- continue with blind transfers but add a pause to the subscriber's transfer string (i.e. add one one or several commas in the transfer-to field after the extension)

New Member

Re: Call Forward All issue

The VM is not involbed here. The call comes to a AA and then goes to the phoen and CFA is set to go to call phone

New Member

Re: Call Forward All issue


In the second scenario ,which Gateway does your call go out ,could u get a debug on that Gateway for this failed cellphone call.If its a t1 pri ,debug isdn q931 would help.Also that would us help find out who is at fault ccm or telco.



New Member

Re: Call Forward All issue


This doesnt seem to be an issue with any gateway or anything. I think it is any issue with the way the call is getting transferred from Unity to Callmanager.

When someone calls into AA of Unity and enters the ext. number, the call should be sent to CM, which in turn will look into the call routing rules - unity goes out of picture then.

Check if Unity is doing a "release to switch" or "supervise transfer"

It should be "release to switch". Also make sure that the gateway via which the call is coming into Unity's AA has access to the partition of the outgoing routepattern.

Let me know how things go.

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