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Call Forward Busy during SRST fallback mode

I have a receptionist phone that is set up with 4 DN's: 1 personal, and 3 that form a hunt group (CF busy to eachother) for incoming calls.

During SRST fallback, the Call forwarding is not there between the 3 incoming "hunt group" lines and only one incoming call can be taken at a time. I have tried to use the call-manager-fallback > call-forward busy XXX command but that seems to only forward ALL busy DN's to the defined destination which is not a good thing for the receptionist.

Is there any way to forward just one busy DN to another rather than all? I know it's possible in CME but is this not possible in SRST? Looking for any workarounds.



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Re: Call Forward Busy during SRST fallback mode

If you have configured the receptionist lines as hunt group in CCm with pilot point, then it is possible to duplicate the same when in SRST mode.

But I am not sure if your call forwarding from one phone line to another can be done here.

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Re: Call Forward Busy during SRST fallback mode

Actually, I'm not using attendant console hunt groups or pilot points... strictly call forward busy from DN1 to DN2, CFB DN2 to DN3... etc. I would like to duplicate the same forwarding in SRST mode for this phone only. I don't want all DN's on all phones forwarding to 2nd DN on reception phone which is what I get when using the call-forward busy command in SRST config.

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Re: Call Forward Busy during SRST fallback mode

Try this..

Let's assume if the reception phone DID Number is 4000, Configure the reception phone as the following

The below DNs doesn't have to be DID numbers.

Line 1 5001

Line 2 5002

Line 3 5003

Line 4 5004

Create a dummy phone and assign 4000 to it and do a forward all to 5001 and configure the regular CFB/CFN for each line (5001,5002,5003,5004). or you can use a translation pattern to translate 4000 to 5001.

Inbound calls for 4000 will be forwarded or translated to 5001 and the the calls will follow the CFB/CFN config on the phone. The above is during normal operation when CM is up.

SRST Config:

ip source-address port 2000

max-ephones 48

max-dn 96

dial-plan pattern 1 8477376... extension-length 4

no huntstop

alias 1 4000 to 5001 preference 1

alias 2 4000 to 5002 preference 2

alias 3 4000 to 5003 preference 3

alias 4 4000 to 5004 preference 4

voicemail 9118477376600

timeouts interdigit 3


If you have call-forward busy configured under SRST then that will takes precedence over the alias command, same is true for call-forward noan.

If you want calls coming in 4000 to hunt through 5001-5004 in SRST mode, you shouldn't have CFB and CFN configured in SRST mode.

With SRST V3.0 there is option called dual-line and also, you can add huntstop to the end of the alias command, I haven't tried these commands, you may be able to overcome the CFB and CFN problem with those commands.

Check the SRST V3.0 system administrator guide on CCO.

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