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Call Forward Lines to Different Locations

Is there a way for a user to Call Forward individual lines to different locations from the phone?

We have a phone with three different lines on it. At night, one should be forwarded to an off-site answering service, the second should go to voicemail, and the third should go to a cell phone.

I know we can do this by having the user go to the ccmuser webpage and then manually enter the phone numbers to forward to on a line-by-line basis, but that lends itself to typing errors.

I am looking for a phone button sequence similar to: Select Line, CFwdAll, press a Speed Dial button to forward to the pre-programmed number.

Any ideas on a simplified method for this? Thanks in advance!!!


Re: Call Forward Lines to Different Locations

when you press the CFWDALL button, it acts on the primary/active line defined for the phone. usually this is the first line of the phone unless you configured it differently in CCM.

you may be able to setup a "URL Service" button that inputs all the proper information of the CFWD into your CCMUSER page. (must have buttons available on phone)

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Re: Call Forward Lines to Different Locations

Hi Mike,

Have you looked into this service?

IPPhone callforwarder

Here is the link;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Call Forward Lines to Different Locations

The Call forward all button from the phones work only for the first line.

If your requirement is to forward all calls at night, then you can use the Time of Day routing feature to automate this.

You would need to add three CTI ports with the same extensions as your phones in a different partition and set the call forwarding as required. Then set the time periods and time schedules so that the phone lines partition is active during the days and the CTI ports partition is active during nights.



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Re: Call Forward Lines to Different Locations

Why doesn't Cisco implement this differently? I don't see what's so hard about changing the behavior so that you could select a non-primary line and then hit the Call Forward All button so that it only affects the selected line? You could leave the default behavior such that pressing that button without selecting a line would affect only the primary line.

Wouldn't that be an intuitive way to do it?

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Re: Call Forward Lines to Different Locations

Hy guys,

next week there will come a new version of call forwarder.

You will have only one services with params for displaying CallFwdNoA, CallFwdNoAInternal and so on

The verion checks if it's an external callforward, if it's an internal it checks if there is an internal number configured

cheers floh

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