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Call forward single line on multiline phone?

Scenario: two line (7940), first line is person's did line. second line is a the same as an extension for an afterhours mailbox/sales line (tied to an 800 number).

What they want is to have an easy way for someone without a computer to forward the calls to that second line to another number without forwarding all calls to either number.

I know one way to do it is through the ccm user web interface for that phone, but this person doesn't have a pc, so that could rule that out.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

New Member

Re: Call forward single line on multiline phone?

we have a phone service application that allows you to change any of the three call forward types on each line, independently, and by using the phone to do it. it is java servlet based, so you will need to install apache tomcat or similar on an appropriate server, but once its in, your away!

sounds like exactly what you want. drop me an email if you would like more details.

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