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Call forward voicemail problem

I am having a problem where calls that are forwarded from phone A to phone B still go to the voicemail of Phone A instead of the voicemail box of Phone B. I thought there was a setting somewhere to change it to the behaviour so the call will end up going to voicemail of phone B.. but can't find it... any one have any ideas.

I am using CCM 4.1.3 unity 4.0.5




Re: Call forward voicemail problem

in the callFWD model, callManager, or whatever PBX forwards the call with the original called number in the details. this number is used to revert back to a voiceMail box if the number forwarded too does not answer.

to get unity to send the forwarded call to the 'second' phones voiceMail box, you can use a call handler or just edit the original called subscribers unity configuration as follows:

on the 'greetings' page of subscriber configuration in unity, in the 'afterGreeting' section, you can send the caller to a subscriber or call handler. this will allow the caller to place a voice mail in the second phones VM box instead of the original called numbers VM box. (this is one way to do what you need)

or you can use the 'call transfer' of the subscriber configuration to transfer from the first VM box to the VM box that you desire the message be left in.

either way has its pros & cons. for example, a pro may be that the caller can leave the message where you would like it. a con could be that it is more unity admin overhead and could be confusing to callers to hear a greeting of one user just to be 'callHandled' to another users greeting where the message will actually be left.


Re: Call forward voicemail problem

Another option that would allow the caller to hear only the greeting of the forwarded (phone B's) mailbox is to create a new VM profile in CCM, assign it a unique name, use Unity's pilot #, and provide the mask of phone B. (IMPORTANT: be sure not to check the box to make this the default for the system.) Assign this VM profile to phone A's line attribute in CCM.

The caveats to this are:

-if phone A is a shared line, all calls for the DN in that partition will go to phone B's VM once the change is made

-if not intended as a permanent solution, administrative action is necessary to change the profile back

Just another option for you.

New Member

Re: Call forward voicemail problem

This is the default behavior of the call setup, callmanager forwards the oringnal called number's caller-id(in this case phoneA)to unity, even after the fact that the call hops on phone B and than goes to voicemail. I don't think there is a way around it, but if anyone comes across one, I would like to know.


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Re: Call forward voicemail problem

Hi Mrugesh,

Have you ever tried tweaking these settings on the "Line settings" portion of the phone setup?

Forwarded Call Information Display


Caller Name

Checking this check box will cause the caller name to display upon call forward.

Redirected Number

Checking this check box will cause the number that was redirected to display upon call forward.

Caller Number

Checking this check box will cause the caller number to display upon call forward.

Dialed Number

Checking this check box will cause the original dialed number to display upon call forward.

From this doc for CCM 4.1.3;

If that doesn't work, have a look at Michaels excellent posts, there is a fix on the horizon for this exact problem in (Unity 5.0),(ECSBU Test Engineer, CISCO SYSTEMS )

"The situation you describe here (getting Unity to recognize the last forwarding station rather than the first forwarding station), will be a system-wide option added to Unity 5.0. There is not a way to do this with a configuration setting on earlier versions of Unity. I'm not aware of any CallManager settings that will address this issue either."

"We use the OriginalCalledParty and OriginalCdpnRedirectReason fields in SCCP StationCallInfo message from CallManager. The feature in Unity 5.0 will allow admin to configure Unity to look at LastRedirectingParty and LastRedirectingReason fields instead, on a system-wide basis."

From this recent thread;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Call forward voicemail problem

Thanks, useful information..

Re: Call forward voicemail problem

The behaviour that you have is working as designed, a possible workaround will be the following:

1. Open CM Admin page, select Feature > Voice Mail > Voicemail Profile

2. Add a new Voicemail Profile, give it any name.

3. Choose the same 'Voice Mail Pilot' as currently being used.

4. Set the 'Voice Mail Box Mask' as the second DN .

5. Now save this Voicemail Profile.

6. Select option Device > Phone, and select the IP Phone which is forwarded (the

original called number).

7. Goto Line Configuration of his extension.

8. Choose the newly created Voicemail Profile for this extension.

The problem with this configuration is that the original called number will lose his VM

and always will go to the second phone VM.