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Call forward

Is it possible to limit the area that a user with no call restrictions can call forward their 7960 phone?

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Re: Call forward

Go to the user phone settings, DN Configuration and under Call Forward and Pickup Settings select a restricted CS on the "forward all" field. He will be able to call anywhere he wants, but if you selected a local only search space, then he's only going to be able to forward to a local number. Hope this helps.

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Re: Call forward

While ricardo pointed you in a direction, It is an incorrect one. There is a box that will allow you to assign a css to call forward all, but the softbutton does not respect it. The softbutton uses the css of the phone. Try this example-

Create Partition A and Partition B

Create CSSA and CSSB



Phone 1

assign a CSS to the phone of CSSA

assign DN of 3001 to PartitionA

leave the rest default

Phone 2

assign a CSS to the phone of CSSA

assign DN of 3002 to PartitionA

leave the rest default

Now you can place calls between 3001 and 3002, both in PartitionA and using CSSA

Phone 1

Add DN 6001 in PartitionB

Set the Call Forward All CSS on DN 3001 to CSSB

Reset Phone 1

3001 and 3002 can call each other, but not 6001

Put 6001 in the Call Forward All field on DN 3001

reset Phone 1

DN 3001 is now forwarded to 6001

3001 can call 3002, but when 3002 calls 3001 they are redirected to 6001, This is how it should be

Remove the Call Forward All, but leave the CSS set to CSSB

I theory, when I hit the CFWDALL softbutton on Phone 1, I should be able to type 6001 and forward the phone.

You will not be able to do it, as soon as you type the 6, you will get a fast busy. I can forward to 3002, which tells me that the CFWDALL softbutton is using the CSS of the Phone, and not the Call Forward All Field CSS setting. This means that my phone can be forwarded to anywhere my phone can dial, and gives me NO control over forwarding, other than restricing the entire phone. By the way, the Call Forward CSS field is respected from the ccmuser web page as well as the ccadmin DN page.


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