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call fwd all issue

I upgraded to call manager 4.1.3 and added new PRI gateways that go through translation patterns, so I;m not sure what's causing this problem:

outside calls work fine, calls that comne in with DID number 0xxx, have the 0 striped out by the TP and ring the 3-digit phone number and calls that come in with XXXX go to phones as XXXX. If call is not answered, it fwds to VM, again no problem. If user does a call fwd all to VM, then a call from outside gets a reject message from the carrier, a call from internal goes to VM.

If phone does a call fwd/all to another extension, all works properly.

How is a call fwd/all different then a call fwd/NA ? In one case th ephone rings but is the call fwd/all call "sent" to the phone or is the gateway trying to send it directly to VM ?

All phone call fwd settings settings use the same CSS.




Re: call fwd all issue

Just to verify:

Do both the gateway's CSS and the line's Call Fwd All CSS contain the partions where the VM Pilot / hunts / lines are configured?

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Re: call fwd all issue

yes, but the gateway css only goes to the translation patterns. the css of the tp's has the vm partition in it.

a call from an internal phone to the call/fwd/all phone reaches the vm.

a external call to the non-fwd/all phone will reach the vm in a no answer condition.

In a call fwd/all condition, is the call being sent to the phone or does it try to get to the vm directly. I can;t figure out why the call is geting rejected in the call fwd/all condition

Re: call fwd all issue

In a Call FWD All/CFA, think of your phone line as making the call. The CFA CSS limits your exposure to toll fraud by limiting the partions your phone line can CFA to.

I'm thinking Dialed Number Analyzer is your most expeditious friend - you can identify where the call will go, given dialed number and ingress CSS.

Test using the CFA CSS and the DNIS presented by the PSTN and see where it takes you.

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Re: call fwd all issue

the solution was to add the vm partition into the css of the gateway. once that was done, call/fwd/all to vm worked.

it would seem that in a call fwd/all situation, the gateway is told to contact vm directly, where in a call fwd/busy, the gateway contacts the phone which then fwds to vm


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