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Call Handler config for dual switch Integration

Hi all,

I'm setting up a dual-switch integration system with UNITY 3.1.5, CCM 3.2.2c and a PBX.

From the cisco web site, I read that : "If the Switch setting on the Profile page for the subscriber or call handler does not match the phone system actually used by a subscriber or call handler, Cisco Unity will not be able to transfer calls to or from the subscriber or call handler"

I already assigned users to the switch they belong to, on the user profile page.

Does that means that I also have to create new call handlers (or copy the existing ones), and put the second PBX in their switch settings like this:

Call Handler Goodbye 1 - PBX

Call Handler Opening greeting 1 - PBX

Call Handler Operator 1 - PBX

Call Handler Goodbye 2 - CCM

Call Handler Opening greeting 2 - CCM

Call Handler Operator 2 - CCM

Is there other items that I need to duplicate, to match both switch ?

Thanks for your answers,



Re: Call Handler config for dual switch Integration

The idea here is that Unity needs to know which switch to transfer the call to when a subscriber or call handler is hit. For example, user John Doe has extension 6000 on CallManager and is setup to supervise transfer to that extension. If you had him associated with the PBX, Unity would try to transfer to the PBX for extension 6000 and it would fail.

You shouldn't need to copy those call handlers since they most likely aren't going to transfer to a number on CallManager or PBX when you hit them. At least that’s not what they do by default.

Hope that helps...


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