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Call Handler Does Not Forward Correctly

When using a call handler to foward a call via 'call transfer' to 'ring a subscriber at this extension', I am asking it to ring a huntgroup number on the call manager. If any extensions/agents are available within that huntgroup, the call transfers ok. if they are all busy in the huntgroup, if does not transfer the call, just holds/beeps.<br><br>Is this an incorrect setting on the call handler, can it transfer to huntgroup if it is busy? The last number on the huntgroup is another unity call handler which works ok if you just dial the huntgroup number from any ipphone, even if all the phones in the huntgroup are busy.<br><br>Any ideas why this may happen?<br><br>Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.<br> <br><br>


Re: Call Handler Does Not Forward Correctly

Are you doing a release transfer or a supervised transfer when dialing the hunt group? If you're using supervised (i.e. waiting X rings to see if someone answers or not) I'd definitely reccomend switching to release. Unity should then just "hookflash" dial the number and hang up. If no agents are available the call should be forwarded back around to Unity if you have the switch programmed correctly.

If you already have it configured for release transfer, something else is going on and we'd need to see some trace/integration information to figure out what's going on.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)


Re: Call Handler Does Not Forward Correctly


Thanks for the information, I have configured the transfer to 'release to switch'. I have looked what is going on during the transfer, with the callviewer, and it seems like the call does not even get out of the unity server when transfering to another huntgroup on the callmanager.

can you tell me what information you require to 'trace' the issue?

Thanks for all you help


Re: Call Handler Does Not Forward Correctly

For your information, I have re-created a another test handler, this seems to work ok, I have checked all the settings on the previous handler with the problem as mentioned above, they are all the same. So the solution in this case was to re-create the call handler. Still don't know why the orginal one messed up though.

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