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Call Handler Greetings Volume

I have pre-recorded greetings that were recorded in a studio. They sound OK when playing back via the PC.

When I import them into the call handler via "paste file" some of the greetings play louder and are distorted.

I have downloaded the latest "set volume" (.33), have tried to changing the levels to -30 and -20...they are currently at -26 (recommended). None of the changes have helped. NOT ALL GREETINGS ARE LOUD/DISTORTED...only some of them are.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: Call Handler Greetings Volume

What format were the greetings in the studio recorded in by the way?

If they were really hot (which it sounds like they might be) the Set Volume isn't going to help much - it'll only move a greeting 8 or 10 dB total since if you crank the db around more than that the file will sound badly distorted - you can only adjust it so much before it breaks up on you.

if you take one of the greetings that is hot and you run the Volume Adjust against it (just that greeting, not all of them) a couple different itmes at -26 you _should_ notice a difference. It'll work it toward -26 in chunks but if it's too loud it can't get there all at once. If you have to crank it too far by the time the volume gets where you want it, it'll sound badly distored.

New Member

Re: Call Handler Greetings Volume

They were recorded at G711 in a recording studion at our location in Cary.

I will follow your suggestion above about takin one greeting and run the V/A against the same one several times. Thanks for that suggestion.

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