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Call Handler modificatoin by users

I am setting up a large auto-attendant script with several call handlers that have greetings that need to be changed on a weekly basis. What is the best method to allow a particular user to edit a particular call handler? I have tried setting a new Class of Service, but that isn't granular enough. It seems to allow access to all call handlers, not specific ones.<br><br>Thanks in advance.<br><br>


Re: Call Handler modificatoin by users

Currently you can't restrict access to specific sets of call handlers via the SA. You can set access levels to all handlers (no access, read only, read/write) but it's an all or nothing kind of thing.

The "owner" field on the call handler is intended for just such functionality at some point. We intend to allow access to the call handler greetings over the phone conversation for the 4.0 release this summer sometime. Access to the call handler greetings will be restricted by the owner field (if you are the owner or are a member of the distribution list that's the owner you can access the greetings, if not you can't). Eventually such restrictions will get into the SA as well but not for 4.0.

Currently in 3.x, however, you can't restrict access to specific handlers on a per user basis.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
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