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Call Handler Owners

I have set up several Call handlers as an Administrator and have set the Ownership to different Subscribers or Public Distribution list so that different department personnels can modify their respective Call Handlers.

We are running Unity 3.1 as a standalone Voicemail server (No Unified Messaging) the server is on the Domain and Subscribers can access Acitve Assistant to change their personal Voice mail settings.

I cannot figure out a way of providing the Subscribers or Public Distribution list to access the Web page link to their respective Call Handlers.

Thanks for all the Help in Advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: Call Handler Owners

In 3.x the owner of a call handler (or interview handler or other object) doesn't actually do anything... one of those things that was slated to get done and didn't make the cut before shipping.

Unity 4.0 will use the owner field to determine who can adminster the greetings for that handler over the phone interface (finally!) but that's it. There is no administration of anything other than your own personal settings via the AA interface. To update call handlers you have to be a Unity administrator going in through the SA. You can set folks up with restricted access to the SA (i.e. not allow them to change/add/remove subscribers but get at call handlers only) but you can't have them view just specific call handlers based on the owner field at this point.

Community Member

Re: Call Handler Owners

Where and how exactly would I go about granting access to the SA account for just the call handlers? I'm in the same boat here and I don't want to be the voice of every call handler in the county or give users admin access to my Unity box. I'm a phone person who's getting converted and not to swift with all these servers yet. thanks!

Robyn Harwood

Cisco Employee

Re: Call Handler Owners

You'll find these option under Class of Service on the "System Access" page in the SA. If you have 3.1(3) or later the options are somewhat more granular than older versions but the options you want are under the "call manangement" section. You can restrict any access other than to Call Handlers themselves here...

Community Member

Re: Call Handler Owners

Thanks! I did that and for test purposes put myself into that class of service, and tried to log into Unity, but I can't get in. would my password be the same as my mailbox password? I didn't see any options to set a password or login name.

Cisco Employee

Re: Call Handler Owners

You're access to SA/AA is done via your domain login and password - different than your phone ID and password which you use to get at your inbox over the phone.

If you're logging into the same domain as Unity when you log into NT you should just get right in - if you're in a different domain you'll need to log in using the domain name, login and NT password of the account your subscriber's mailbox is associated with in the domain Unity is in.

See the "Accessing and Exiting the Cisco Unity System Administrator" section in the system administration guide here:

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