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Call handler problem


I created a call handler and set the "Call Transfer" to "ring a subscriber's extension". I also configured a one-key dialing in Open Greeting Handler which would "attemp to transfer to" this call handler.

But everytime I got into the Open Greeting and pressed that key, it went to the subscrible's greeting, instead of ringing the extension.

I also tested this function using the default "Operator" handler. It works and the extension rings. I compared the two call handers, the one I made and the Opertor. They are exact the same.

Why one works but not the other? Any idea?




Re: Call handler problem

It sounds to me like the subscriber itself isn't setup to transfer the call. Make sure the subscriber is setup to transfer to a number.


New Member

Re: Call handler problem

Hi Keith,

The subscriber was configured to transfer to an extension number.

I still think it is call handler related. I found a way to walkaround this issue, by creating the new call handler "based on Operator".

But I still have the same problem if the handler is created by the default template.



Cisco Employee

Re: Call handler problem

It could also be that your operator call handler has different settings for the 3 transfer rules... there are three transfer rules: standard, off hours and alternate. It could be that the one you created off the template had, for instance, only the standard rule active which is only going to transfer during the day according to the schedule associated with the handler... where as maybe the operator call handler had the alternate transfer rule setup which is always active. It could also be they both have the standard transfer rule enabled only but are configured with different schedules...

New Member

Re: Call handler problem

Wei, not sure if you are still having this problem but I ran into it today and fixed it.

When you select the caller input option press "Select Subscriber" the Subscriber Selection window pops up. Do your search for the subscriber and under the results window there is an option labeled "Conversation" that is defaulted to "Send to Greeting For". Change that to "Attempt transfer for" and it works.

I have a lot of call handlers to adjust!



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