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call handler problem


I just configured our office unity server. Created a call handler. The opening greeting pooints to the call handler XYZ. The probelm is that when a user listens to opening greeting and presses 7 to go to XYZ call handler, the unity servers says "sorry sample administrator" is busy or does not answer and then my recorded messages comes.

Why does unity say that " user is busy or does not answer", who should be the owner of the call handler??

Many thanks

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Re: call handler problem

First, which version of Unity are you running?

The prompt you describe is the system constructed greeting - when the active greeting being played is either empty (not recorded) or set to "system" as the source, it'll grab the voice name of the handler or, if that's not there, the voice name of the owner of the handler and construct a generic greeting that says this person is busy or does not answer.

As a test, activate the alternate greeting on your call handler XYZ and record a greeting for it and run the test again to see if it sounds the way you want it to.

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Re: call handler problem

Many thanks for your responce. I am running a very old version of unity. I think 3.0

The unity servers says that the "sample administrator is busy" or does not answer and then i hear my recording for that call handler. What is the difference between message left under from "Profile" or "greertings" Wher should i record?

Many thanks


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Re: call handler problem

Well... couple things here.

1st, the profile page media master control is for the voice name of the call handler - it's not used for much other than the construction of the system prompt I mentioned earlier. It's the greetings collection that you should be worried about here. Please make _sure_ you have the alternate greeting enabled and you've recorded that greeting - I can't tell you how many hours have been wasted with folks banging their heads needlessly because they were fiddling with the wrong greeting - that's always the place to start.

From your description it sounds like the call is going through a different handler or something - there's no scenario that we would play the system prompts you describe and THEN plan the recorded greeting you entered on the same call handler like that... using tools such as the StatusMonitor.exe to see what handlers the call is passing through would be nice here - unfortunately on older 3.0(x) versions you have to use some older tools and there's no handy tools depot on the desktop as there is in 3.1 and later versions.

Without being able to see your system and just going off your description here it sounds to mee like another handler is being passed through or the like or you've recorded your greeting in the voice name field instead or something along those lines... definitely try enabling the alternate greeting for that handler and recording something in there and rule out anything unusual first before you spend too much more time thrashing on this.

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