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Call Handler repair

I set up a CCM/Unity system for client with a call handler acting as an auto attendant. It was working fine and someone else was in there doing something and now it is no longer working. I will be going there tommorow to fix it and I hoping to speed up my troubleshooting time. I had them open up call viewer and dial the extension of the handler and it seems it never hits unity. All voice mail is still working fine. Even after changing the DN of the handler it still does not hit unity. I plan on doing a CCM trace to see where it's going but i was wondering what you all would think is the source of this issue. All handler settings seem to be unchanged at least from what i was told over the phone. I dont think that matters much though since it never seems to hit that box. Other than a trace and looking to make sure no phones were set up with that DN that are forwarding somewhere else what should i be looking for? I am sure i will find the issue quickly but any suggestions to help reduce a sunday troubleshooting session would be appreciated.

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Re: Call Handler repair

nevermind figured it out :-)

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