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call handler

I have a customer who needs two call flow trees, each one corresponding to one phone line.

For example call 41612343333, get AA1

call 416234444, get AA.2

What he did is assign 3333 in extension(option) text box under call handler AA1 profile, and 4444 for AA2. 3333 and 4444 in this case is DID.

It works, I really feel unbelievable. Is extension(option)suppose to have this feature? Thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: call handler

Sure... Unity looks up the forwarding extension in the database... that includes extension numbers of all subscribers (including alternate) and call handlers... if a match is found the call is forwarded to the greeting conversation (i.e. the transfer rules are skipped) for that handler or subscriber.

You can check the Call Viewer application (which you can get in the tools depot or in the unity program group) to see exactly what's coming in for the forwarding extension on these calls - presumably 3333 and 4444 are being presented to us.

New Member

Re: call handler

Your customer is doing something else to forward the call to unity that you're not aware of. This works if the Forwarding Number is set to the same extension. To do this, he's either configured a CTI Route Point or dummy phone with those same extensions and configured them to CFwdAll to Unity. In the dummy phone's case, you don't need to do that because the phone doesn't really exist.

The call hits the CTI Route Point or dummy phone and gets forwarded to Unity. Unity sees the forwarding number as 3333 or 4444 and hands it off to whatever object it has that also has those extensions. That's how this works.


New Member

Re: call handler

He has a forward rule called corporate configured as "forward station any, DNIS any, ANI any, send greeting for coporate greeting". My understanding is forward rule used normally forward from one specific station. Is that usual like this forward any to one greeting? Will there any problem?

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