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Call Handlers ALL failing

We are having a problem with Call Handlers. All Call Handlers not associated with a mailbox are failing. Calls that should hit those handlers are getting a default system message instead that starts "Unity messaging system...from a touch tone phone..."<br><br>This started about 2 hours ago. We are running very tight on licenses, and were deleting anything we could to stay under the limit. I deleted some accounts, but one of the accounts I deleted was the ESubscriber account. Also moved some COS entries around.<br><br>The handlers that are failing are all owned by me. I'm set up as an administrator with rights and licenses for everything. I've rebooted the box multiple times, deleted some accounts to get the number of boxes down, but they still won't come on line. The unity call viewer shows the calls coming in correctly addressed to hit the handlers, but they aren't picking up! Pri 1 case opened with TAC is C586002. All help appreciated. <br><br>


Re: Call Handlers ALL failing

It's kind of hard to get a feel for what's going on here without seeing the system... deleting the example subscriber account wont have any ill effects (example administrator is another story entirely). Not sure what you mean by "they wont pick up". Are there any error messages in the application event log when you call in? This is always the first place to check when there's a problem...

If you dial the opening greeting and then the extension for one of these handlers, does the call get routed then or is this a situation where your routing rules got hosed up and inbound calls aren't getting routed properly any longer? It would be handy to rule out the routing rules by determinging if the handlers are fucntional in and of themselves. Try setting up a 1 key rule off the opening greeting that goes to one of these handlers and see if you get there... if so, the handlers are probably fine and you're barking up the wrong tree.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
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