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Call Handlers and Digital Networking

If I have a single number on the PSTN for remote voicemail access, all calls from the PSTN must be forwarded to a single Unity server, as there is no way to determine which Unity server the caller is homed to.

If I have multiple Unity servers, and digital networking configured, can the standard call-handler on the Unity server that answers the call (i.e. "Please enter your extension number") handle when the caller enters an extension ID that represents a subscriber on another Unity server? Will the Unity server transfer the caller to the other Unity server, or will it state "Unknown extension" or similar (I understand that you can use a call handler that asks you which location you belong to, but I want to see if this can be made for seamless).

If the call can be transferred immediately, can the extension ID that is entered by the caller be passed to the destination Unity server (e.g. as the called party), so that the destination Unity server prompts for PIN, instead of reprompting for extension number?

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Re: Call Handlers and Digital Networking

Couple different issues here...

1. for outside callers wanting to find a subscriber or dial their extension via the auto attendant, these lookups can take place across multiple Unity servers provided they are in the same dialing domain. Unity maintains a local table in SQL of all subscribers it sees in the directory and if those users are in the same dialing domain (i.e. they can call each other's phones without having to prepend with an access code first) you can configure Unity to do lookups across those users. All transfers to users not on the local box, however, will be release transfers regardless... we can't do supervised transfers since the call handler information for that user would be necessary for that and this doesn't replicate around the directory (much too much data to cart around AD/Exchange 5.5).

2. If you want to sign in as a subscriber you have to dial into the Unity server you are homed on. No exceptions to that.

I believe the PA folks were working on an application that rerouted calls to a different Unity server based on the number dialed or the like at one point but I don't know the specifics or if it ever saw the light of day - I can ping some folks but I'm not sure it's what you're looking for here.

The networking documenation for Unity 3.1 covers some of these issues (i.e. the dialing domain lookups mentioned above)... these docs can be found here:

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Re: Call Handlers and Digital Networking

Re number 2 - yes that is what I'm looking for. Could you write a custom call handler that did the following:

1. User dials in from PSTN, forwarded to a Unity server.

2. A custom call handler asks for the user to enter their extension (e.g. 44444). The Unity AA collects the digits, and based upon either the Exchange Directory or some manually configured rules, forwards the subscriber to the appropriate Unity server (e.g. dials the primary extension of the subscriber's Unity server) and ideally attaches the collected digits as the calling party number.

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Re: Call Handlers and Digital Networking

no way to do that currently from within Unity... again the PA folks might have something to help you out here, I'll ping them and see what they have to say...

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