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Call Handling on FXO on Cisco 2611

Hi I am using the following simple config on 2611 with VIC-2FXO


voice-port 1/1/0

input gain 14

timeouts wait-release 3

connection plar 101

caller-id enable

supervisory disconnect anytone

ring number 2


voice-port 1/1/1

input gain 14

timeouts wait-release 3


dial-peer voice 2 pots

destination-pattern 101

port 1/1/1

prefix 2426920



When call comes in on voice-port 1/1/0 the dial-peer 2 is matched and call is forwarded to voice-port 1/1/1 (as configured). The port 1/1/1 comes up for couple of seconds but does not forward the call on the no. mentioned. Sometimes it does work, and most of the time it does not. Is it a hardware issue with the FXO card, or does it seem to be an IOS issue. I am using c2600-is-mz.121-5.T9.bin. Does this have some issues ??

Will appreciate some help on it .

Thanks - Athar


Re: Call Handling on FXO on Cisco 2611

What is connected to voice-port 1/1/1 ? if it is a phone, probably wont work, your phone should be connected to FXS port. Another option is use the "connection plar opx 101" this will enable the port 1/1/0 to hold the call until the pbx on 1/1/1 answers the call.

There is probably more info needed to help you with this senario.


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Re: Call Handling on FXO on Cisco 2611


a direct line from Telephone exchange is connected to the port. If i put in a different FXO-M1 then it works OK, but with couple of FOX modules it gives this error. The port 1/1/1 goes up briefly, but does not dial out, and call is dropped. It looked to be a hardware issue, but when two modules had the same error then it put me in suspicions as if there is a config problem.

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