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Call Manager 3.0 Integration Questions

I have Cisco Call Manager 3.0 working with Unity for the most part. I ran into a few things I haven't been able to get working yet.<br>1. The MWI (Message waiting indicator) light isn't working. <br> I haven't set it up and have no clue where to start. The system/switch area on the unity admin screen locks me out of the MWI on and off codes. What do I need to do to get this working?<br>2. How do I increase the recording volume of the voice messages? (This isn't a call manager specific question.)<br> The volume of the messages in Outlook is extremely low. The speakers have to be turned up to an incredibly loud level. At this point other sounds are extremely loud. How do I get the volume of the recording to be louder so that I can maintain a sane level on the speakers of my workstations?<br><br>Thanks<br>Bryan Kent <br><br>


Re: Call Manager 3.0 Integration Questions

Hi Bryan.
First, the MWI stuff. The lamp codes on the switch page you’re looking at are only for analog switches (i.e. we have to go off hook, dial the extension and a special code to turn lamps on/off). Those will be disabled for any non analog switch.

You need to be sure to have MessageWaitingOnDN and MessageWaitingOffDN set in the Service parameters of the CallManager (which requires a restart of the CallManager before it takes affect). If this has been done, try dialing the MessageWaitingOnDN from a Cisco IP phone and making sure the lamp goes on (and vice versa of course). If that’s not working, you’ll need to get some help from the Cisco folks on that. If it is, you need to make sure the TSP on Unity is set to use those same codes for MWI on and off. To do this, fire up the Unity Service Provider Configuration applet (the same place you define the number of voice ports, the device name prefix etc…) and make sure the same codes for on and off are in the “MWIWaitingOnDN” and “MWIWaitingOffDN” fields.

If that’s all done, be sure the subscriber you’re testing on has “Use MWI for Message Notification” checked on the “Messages” page in the Unity SA and there’s an extension filled in for it (or “X”). This is the default configuration but sometimes folks disable it in the subscriber template so all subscribers created using that template have MWIs disabled.

With regards to the low volume thing… couple of thoughts on that. First, is this for outside callers leaving messages for users (i.e. the calls are going through a router) or for internal callers leaving messages via their IP phones? Is the record discrepancy only seen at the desktop or is it also via the telephone interface (i.e. the prompts and messages are at very different volumes over the phone). If it’s outside callers, it may be necessary to adjust the volume setting for the VOIP ports on your router… You’ll want to call the Cisco support folks for details on that. If it’s internal callers using IP phones to leave messages and it’s coming in low, I’d be a bit puzzled. Testing in house indicates the volume level is very close to those of the recorded prompts. You indicated this wasn’t a Cisco specific question, so I’ll tell you other service providers such as Dialogic do provide a mechanism to adjust the system wide recording volume level and/or use automatic gain control to handle this, however the Cisco provider does not have such a mechanism. If you need details on how to do this with Dialogic, let me know.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice Corp

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