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Call manager 3.2 Unity 3.2 Question


I am new to Cisco voice and I have a problem to work out. I have spent some time with this problem with no solution yet.... so here is my question for the experts:

I work for a National Park and we have to let the public know whether or not it is safe to recreate in the river, so we have a phone number that we set up so that the public can call to hear a message. There are 4 possible messages that we want to play, depending on daily factors. We have the 4 possible messages recorded in WAV format. There will be a person responsible for changing that message every day.

What we want to be able to do is call into Unity Voice Mail and select which message to play, but obviously Unity only allows one Standard Greeting and One alternate greeting, so this is not possible.

I have tried to do the following:

Create 4 Call Handlers, each with their own extension. Then use Unity Call Manager User option for the main number to forward to the appropriate call handler, but this does not work. Instead it does not recognize a voicemail account for the main number, and ends up going to the managers voicemail.

I have tried using Unity's extension Call Transfer, but this does not work either, it always forwards to the voicemail for the main number.

One option that works from the administrator standpoint is to set up the Greeting Source to be Blank, and setup the After Greeting "Send Caller To" call handler... but the user who is responsible for changing this daily does not have access to the administrator unity system.

Does anyone have any work arounds?

What would be awesome is to be able to program a IP Phone service for the users phone that would make the appropriate changes.

Thanks for any help, because the only workaround is re-recording the greeting every day from a CD, where the phone is help up to the CD player..... but this is just to complicated and archaic.



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Re: Call manager 3.2 Unity 3.2 Question


You're trying to use the wrong tool for the job unfortunately but one thing you could try with the kit you've got is :-

Set up 4 subscribers in Unity each with a separate message telling users what conditions are like - obvisouly each has a different DN.

In CCM you would need to create 4 x CTI route points each with a DN the same as you created in Unity. On the DN of each CTI route point make sure you select CallForwardAll to VM. Test it here by calling each of your 4 DN's & make sure you get the correct message.

Now you need to point the DDI that your public users call to the correct CTI Route Point DN. Since you want your users to be able to make this change but not have admin rights, you would probably be best served by creating a user in the directory & then a device profile. Assign your external DDI to this device profile. Under the user settinngs associate the device profile to your user (we're just creating an extension mobility relationship here between your user in the directory & the device peofile which has your DDI).

Once you have done this your internal staff can use the /ccmuser URL to go in & change the CallForwardAll destination DN on the public access DDI to any one of the 4 CTI Route Points you created earlier.

It will work & gives you a simple GUI for your staff to use.

The best tool for this job however is a CRS script.

Hope this helps ??


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Re: Call manager 3.2 Unity 3.2 Question


Thanks for the Suggestion, however I am having problems with it.

I created the CTI Route Points, which are all forwarded to voice mail. (I can dial these four numbers, and I get the appropriate greetings.)

I associated a user with the external DDI, then I logged into /ccmuser and forwarded all calls to one of the CTI Route Points.

Now when I dial the extension of the external DDI, I get the default message saying that voicemail is not setup for this extension.

It is almost as if by the CTI Route Point forwarding the caller to Voice Mail, that Unity tries to goto the greeting for the main number. I wonder if there is a way to mask the DDI once the caller is in the CTI Route Point?

I will look more into CRS Script.

Thanks Again!

New Member

Re: Call manager 3.2 Unity 3.2 Question

Hi Michael,

The reason being that CCM is remembering the original called number when it passes the call to Unity rather than the CTI route point (the forwarded number). There is a service paramater that you will need to change but I can't remember what it is in CCM3.2 off the top of my head & I don't have access to an older box.

Have a look in Service Parameters for CallManager under Clusterwide Parameters (Feature - Forward). See if anything in there refers to "reset original called number" ?

This is a parameter we always used to have to change.

I'll see if I can find any reference to it but that's the missing bit !



New Member

Re: Call manager 3.2 Unity 3.2 Question

Ok Michael,

I've had a look on a later version box.

Try under the TCD service parameters - I'm sure you'll find the parameter in there.

Good luck,


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