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Call Manager 4.1 (3) Hunt Group/Pickup Problem


I have successfully created a Hunt Group, Line Group and Hunt List for three extensions:-




The Pilot Hunt Group number is 3042

The problem is:-

If Ext 3221 is on a call and then receives another call it will sucessfully hunt to 3220 which will remain unanswered due to the desk being unmanned. If the user on 3221 finishes the original call and then tries to Call Pickup the call ringing on 3220 this will fail (pressing Call Pickup softkey to no avail). Is this a known bug?

In the Device settings on each of the phones I have configured the Hunt Pilot number of 3042 as the Forward No Answer and Forward Busy number. Is this correct or do I leave this blank?


Re: Call Manager 4.1 (3) Hunt Group/Pickup Problem

CSCsb42763: Call Pickup fails on Hunt List

You need to upgrade to at least CCM 4.1(3) SR2 and then:

1. Enter CSCsb42763 (in mixed case) in the Enterprise Parameter 'Cisco Support Use 1' under

the new group 'Cisco Support use Only' and click update. Only the value CSCsb42763 in this

parameter can enable the configuration in step 2. Change the value to anything else to

disable this functionality.

2. Go to Hunt Pilot Configuration page and select a call pickup group from the Call Pickup Group

dropdown list and click update.

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Re: Call Manager 4.1 (3) Hunt Group/Pickup Problem

Thanks for that. Very much appreciated.

We have 4.1(3) SR3 so I will give this a try in the next few days.


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