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Call Manager 4.1.3 - remote SQL access

Running CM 4.13 in a workgroup per install. We lost the ability to access SQL remotely due to the fact CM SQL is set to Windows Auth only. Has any tweaked SQL setting to support mixed mode or know how we can access SQL db (read only) remotely like we did in 3.x versions of CM? Thanks,


Re: Call Manager 4.1.3 - remote SQL access

Here?s the link that states mixed mode authentication (also known as SQL authentication) is not supported:



? Windows NT Authentication is recommended, although the system supports SQL

Authentication. Setting Cisco CallManager for mixed mode authentication in Release 4.0 and later is unsupported. Upgrades will fail and the system will have to be changed back to Windows authentication.?

Be aware that the wording is a little bit confusing but what?s trying to say is that even if the system (MS SQL 2000) can be set to mixed mode, that?s not supported with 4.x.

If you need to change it:

How to set up SQL Mixed-Mode authentication in SQL 2000 SP3+:


We do not have any documented process on how to revert the SQL authenthication from Windows only to mixed mode. Should not be

any problems switching the authentication to mixed mode using the SQL enterprise manager

tool but be aware that this is not TAC supported...

Call manager 4.0 was built with more security as per request from customers that

were concerned with SQL and overall security.

The exception to the rule is when using CRS

That's true for CRS 3.5. Starting with CRS 4.0 we no longer use mixed mode and have switched to NT Authentication



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Re: Call Manager 4.1.3 - remote SQL access

Thanks Gonzalo.


Re: Call Manager 4.1.3 - remote SQL access

The main problem is that TAC will not support mixed mode unless you have extended services installed on your server. anyhow, you can change it to mixed mode, but prior to any upgrade, you will need to role it back; if I remember properly, you will reboot the server in order to apply the changes.

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