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Call Manager 4.1.3 VS 4.2.3

Looking for recommendations and experiences with implementing 4.2.3. I have to decide between 4.1.3 and 4.2.3 with Call Manager and Unified Messaging. Also looking to eventually upgrade to 5.1. Any help is appreciated


Re: Call Manager 4.1.3 VS 4.2.3

a quick list of 4.2 features/enhancements includes:

user features/enhancements -

* call pickup notification

* one touch call pickup

* one touch group pickup

* other group pickup

* directed call park w/BLF

* login/logout of hunt groups

* CCM assistant on phone

* complete transfer on-hook

system features/enhancements -

* AAR support for calls on no bandwidth

* call forward on no-register

* device mobility

* h323 overlap sending/receiving

* h323 annex M.1 support for h323 GW & h225 trunks

* mlpp enhancements

* v.150 secure modem support

administrative features/enhancements -

* support for password aging, complex PWs, oneTime PWs with LDAP

* voice quality stats on cal-by-call basis

please see the following link for more CCM 4.2 info:

a quick list of 5.0 features/enhancements includes:

sip trunk & endpoint support features/enhancements -

* native support for sip devices

* cti for ISP phones

* presense information for sip devices

* fault, config, accounting, performance, security enhancements for sip support

* sip trunk enhancements for external applications

* third party sip devices supporting RFC 3261

* sip line side RFCs

* sip trunk RFC support

licensing features/enhancements -

* each device corresponds to a device license unit

* DLUs must be purchased to cover the number of devices connected to CCM

* third party sip devices require DLUs

localization features/enhancements -

* many language support enhancements

please see the following link for more CCM 5.0 info:

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Re: Call Manager 4.1.3 VS 4.2.3

Hi Pete,

In addition to the super information that Greg provided, just thought that I might add that there still isn't an upgrade path from 4.2 to 5.0 according to the following;

CCM Compatability Matrix

Also have a look at this Great thread from May of this year that includes some excellent answers from some really great NetPros all talking about this debate;

Hope this helps!


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