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Call Manager 4.1(3)

Has something changed in Call Manager 4.1(3)?

We just setup a new System, with T1 PRI to the PSTN. MGCP is configured.

All Phones have "External Phone Number Mask" so Called Party can see the complete number, but when I made a test call I noticed that the called party was only displaying the last for digits. I called Cisco, and was told the I had to check "Calling Party External Phone Number Mask" for each "Route Pattern" in a Route Pattern Configuration Menu. I did that then it fixed the problem. I don't recall doing that in Call Manager 4.0 though.

2) Now lot of users are complaing that when they make outside calls the called party shows the correct number, but it also displays their names sometimes, and sometimes it displays the "Company's Name". I thought when calls are sent to PSTN, all they would send "TEN DIGITS".

Is this something new in 4.1(3)

Cisco Employee

Re: Call Manager 4.1(3)


1. The external phone number mask has to be checked. This has been the same even in 3.3 and 3.4. I have a feeling that some "default" behavior has changed in your upgrade, and that resulted in what you have mentioned above.

2. By default we send only external mask. If you have configured a name, we do try to send it out. Having said that, it depends on where the call is going. The PSTN has to allow caller name to be sent. Some trunks allow this. Some trunks do not.

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Re: Call Manager 4.1(3)

Are you saying that "External Phone Number Mask" on a Route Pattern must be checked. I am still sure that I didn't have to do that on Call Manager 4.0


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