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Call Manager 5.1.3 - Database Replication status - Cluster status 4

Hi there,

I have Call MAnager 5.1.3 one publisher, one subscriber.

with RTMT, I connect to the publisher and I see that the database for both Pub/sub have a status of 2 wich is Good because :

2 (Finished)-Replication setup is completed and working.

but, under both Pub/sub I have a cluster label with the status of 4,

4-Replication is not setup correctly.

I actually have this for a 5.1.3 and 6.1.1 of Call Manager.

Do you guys have an idea of the status "4" for the Cluster

thanks a lot


Re: Call Manager 5.1.3 - Database Replication status - Cluster s

hi sir,

status 4 is an error, replication setup failed.

we defintly are encouraging our customers to go to 6.1.2 latest or 6.1.3

before that we know that replication must be fixed.

try to run a unified report and see if hosts,slqhosts, rhosts r correct,

check nic settings, mtus, dns

i dont know if we can run replication commands at this point. we need to check that first.

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Re: Call Manager 5.1.3 - Database Replication status - Cluster s

thanks for your reply, ok but my two nodes are fine ( status of 2 ) only the cluster row show something bad ( status of 4 )

I actually have a DST patches to apply on the primary cluster and they said to be sure that the replication status is fine, that's why I was looking this

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Re: Call Manager 5.1.3 - Database Replication status - Cluster s

Are you sure about this?

I agree that each server should have a replication state of "2" as mentioned so this is fine.

But I believed that the cluster state is a cumulative figure so for 2 servers you have a state of "4" if both servers are good and "6" if you have 3 (1 PUB, 2 SUBS) good servers etc etc.....

Thus, with 2 servers (1 PUB, 1 SUB) as here a state of "4" is Good!?!

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Re: Call Manager 5.1.3 - Database Replication status - Cluster s

NO, it's not cumultative.

Status 2 Shows that the node is correct Syncronized within the Cluster.In the cluster, that matches for every node.( Every node shows 2 = replication is good )

If there is a 3 on the cluster you can see a 3 everywhere except the host that isn't synchronizing right, this shows a 1 when i remember right .

Here is the RTMT description of this behavoiur:

This displays the state of replication: Thus 0 = Initializing (Will be 0 if server is not defined OR if server is defined but realize template is not done); 1 = Replicates created but their count isn't right; 2 = Replication is good; 3 = Replication is bad in the cluster; 4 = Replication Setup didn't succeed. When the counter shows a value of 3, it means replication is bad in the cluster. It doesn't means that replication is bad on that particular node. It is advised that the user run utils dbreplication status cli to find out where and what exactly is broken.

@ Topic starter:

I would suggest you try running " utils dbreplication" from CLI as metioned in the RTMT Text.

I'm sure you will find the reason why your cluster is in state "4"



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