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Call Manager 7825 Problem

Hi there

I have a problem with our Call Manager 2825. We am giving a presentation to our top management, and as Murphy's law would state, our call manager crashed on us. I have tried to upgrade it again, to call manager 3.2, but it was still giving me the same errors. Eventually in a state of frustration, I decided it would be best just to format the call manager and start the re-installation from scratch.

I noticed that the only OS CD's we had was for the call manager 7820/7822/7830, this software should be able to install on this hardware, as we has done this before. I know that this is the first CD's that got shipped out with the old 7822 call manager. I had two sets of these CD's and tried both sets, but they still give me the same error messages.

The error that I am getting is "The hardware detected is not supported by this CD. MSC Quickbuilder cannot run.". This would mean that I cannot do anything on the Call manager at all, as the OS won't load up.

There could be one of two possible problems that could be wrong :

1) Our hardware might be faulty ?

2) I noticed that our BIOS was upgraded to 7825-BIOS-09-10-01.exe,

which is an old BIOS, But I am sure that this might not be the


3) I am lost here, not sure what else could be wrong, as there is not much to trouble shoot ????

Thanks a ton for your Help


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Re: Call Manager 7825 Problem

Due to some recent problems with 7825 I have been informed that when CM is reinstalled it doesnt always wipe the system clean. Try running compaq's system erase utility that wipes the nvram, bios, hd, raid etc completely clean so you can have a totally fresh start. This utility is available here


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Re: Call Manager 7825 Problem

Just had that same problem and running the quick erase in the Compaq smart start took care of it!

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