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Call manager 911 & 9-911 Route patterns

Is there any way to speed up the completion of 911 or 9-911 calls (FXO using H323). There is a setting on the route pattern called "urgent priority" What effect does it have on the processing

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Re: Call manager 911 & 9-911 Route patterns


One way is to set up dial peers in your H.323 gateway router to match 911 and 9911 explicitly. You will have to prefix a 9 for the '911' match since the first 9 is stripped. Here's what I have used in the past:

dial-peer voice 91101 pots

preference 1

destination-pattern 911

port 1/0/0

prefix 911

The way I understand urgent priority is that normally CM waits for all digits to be dialed before matching a route pattern. With urgent priority enabled, once the pattern is matched, the call is sent on to the gateway, without it waiting for the inter-digit timer to expire.

The H.323 gateway matches peers by picking the first pattern matched. There seems to be no particular order in which overlapping patterns are matched - I have heard many theories on how the gateway matches and in what order. In any case, it is a different process than the Call Manager.

Hope this helps...

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