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Call Manager AD Integration: Phone Number Attribute

Is there any way to configure Call Manager's AD plugin to point to a non-standard LDAP attribute in AD for the phone number field (instead of the telephoneNumber field [Phone Number on the General tab])? I have a customer that uses the telephoneNumber field for the external 10-digit number and another custom attribute for the internal 5-digit extension. If we have to use the standard attribute, it will require us to change 3000 user entries. On that note, is there any way to easily bulk swap these values?

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Re: Call Manager AD Integration: Phone Number Attribute

My setup is also with AD, and I didn't see any thing about it in CCM direcoty plug'in.

But you can always created a custom directory script and use it in your phone directory (directory button). The only job that this script has to do, is read the telephoneNumber and custom field, then display it to the phone screen.

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Re: Call Manager AD Integration: Phone Number Attribute

Thanks for the reply--we have a developer that has done things like this before, so that may be an option. Do you know how this would affect an application like Attendant Console? Would attendant console be able to read this alternate field via a custom script as well? Thanks in advance!


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Re: Call Manager AD Integration: Phone Number Attribute

I don't think so, the way that I'm sure is gonna be work is to build a vbs script to build a custom file (a directory) and to configure attendantconsole to use it.

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Re: Call Manager AD Integration: Phone Number Attribute

We ended up dumping the AD integration because it was limited two things that we could see a benefit from.

Extension Mobility login based on AD authentication (postive)

Corporate Directory from AD (limited, no benefit)

So we decided to purchase the Citrix Application Gateway for our corporate directory. It's amazing.... you can use any ldap attribute you like for the corporate directory and it provides 10x more information to the user interface at the phone with no effort. It really is worth the $$ to invest in this.

We use META to pull out items from AD ldap, and then repopulate another attribute the Citrix box reads off. it provides us with the correct corporate number and the site code we want to see on the display.

If you have 3000 entries..... buy the Citrix box, have it connect to your AD, just create a script to populate whatever you want. The Citrix box can also use a CSV file.. so you could create your own from an export of AD Ldap, to CSV. Then edit with Excel to prepend your new numbers, and save as CSV. The Citrix will pickup the CSV and sync it to it's own directory. CallManager is simply pointed to the XML of this Citrix box and voila... a new painless corporate directory.

if you need more info, send me an email.



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