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call manager analog trunk config

I've got the following configuration as the primary call path 4 my customer.

IP phone-->call manager--> dt24PRI gateway-->PSTN

Customer wants to use analog trunk on an FXO port of a 2600 as a backup path in case PRI goes down so configuration would be as follows:

IP phone-->call manager--> h323 gateway 2600-->PSTN

making calls from IP phone to PSTN using this backup path works fine. Problem is w/ calls coming in on that analog line. TELCO does not appear to be passing ANI on that analog line and as a result the 2600 is not able to match the incoming called # and do the necessary voip dial-peer matching to send the call to the call manager server. Instead incoming calls are being sent to default dial-peer 0.

I need to know if there's any way I can modify dial-peer 0 or if there's some way of "fooling" the system to send the calls to the appropriate voip dial-peer.


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Re: call manager analog trunk config

Incoming calls to FXO ports are not routed based on Called or Calling numbers, because none are sent by the telco. The default behavior is for the router to return a dialtone to the PSTN, and the caller can dial a number that will look for a destination-pattern match in the dial-peers.

The more common approach is that you have either an operator or an automated attendant (say at extension 4000) that you would want incoming calls to be routed to.

In that case, on each of the voice-ports in the router you would configure something like connection plar opx 4000 and then create a dial-peer with destination-pattern 4000 and a session target pointing to the CallManager, as well as other parameters such as VAD and codec choice.

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