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Call Manager and H323 Proxy


I have the following situation

7960 --> CM1 --> GK1 <--> GK2 <-- CM2 <-- ATA186

I want to set proxy h323 on both gatekeepers. I do not want the 7960 to speak directly with the ATA186 after the call admission. But the problem is that after registering the both call managers in their gatekeepers, both the ATA186 and the 7960 could ring each other, which is normal because the both CMs are registered, but being not registered with the gatekeeper they could not speak directly with it, and the call drops on the third second. I do not find any way, as I read all the forums and the cisco website. It would be wonderful if the CallManager could acts like a proxy itself for the devices behind it.

I will appreciate if someone give me an advice how to make the end terminals aka ATA186 and the 7960 phone to speak only with their gatekeeper only.

I also have an international partner which accepts voices from only one IP address so I should proxy all the voices behind a gatekeeper, but tell me how can make the phones behind the CallManager to be proxied ?

Thank you to all answers, if are any.



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Re: Call Manager and H323 Proxy

Did you by any chance ever get an answer to this?

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Re: Call Manager and H323 Proxy

No, I haven't find a solution yet.

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