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Call Manager and Outlook

I have heard there is a way to dial a contacts number directly from outlook by clicking on new call then dial. Has anyone gotten this to work.

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Re: Call Manager and Outlook

Yes it works. You need to install the TSP from the callmanager plugins page on the pc that you have outlook on. If you use a pc that has softphone on it then it should work with little configuration.

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Re: Call Manager and Outlook

I have been able to make this work, well sort of anyway... I can place calls using the "New Call" button, but when I hit the "End Call" button on the applet, it just sort of hangs and doesn't close all of the way. The phone call does actually hang up but the applet doesn't seem to synch completely. This is a problem because you can't make a second call until that first one shuts down all the way. I'm pretty sure it's not a TSP (3.2(020)) issue because I can start and stop calls cleanly in the "Phone Dialer" app that is in Windows-Accessories-Communications. I have tried the "New Call" button using Outlook 2000 and Outlook XP with the same result.

- Jim

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