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Call Manager and Public IP Addresses

I need to get remote phones registered to a Call Manager over the Internet w/o using VPN. Will it work if the private DHCP address the phones get contains the public address of the tftp server? The remote phones will be on a network in building A going over the public Internet to HQ. The remote phones wil still need to be able to call each other using the extensions and then the gateway to the PSTN will also be at HQ. I think this should be doable correct?

I will also need to do the same thing with some VG248s at the remote sites.

I know I can get this done using VPN but VPN adds additional packet overhead and drives the per call bandwidth requirements through the roof for what should be a simple G.729 call.

Thanks to anyone who answers!!

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Re: Call Manager and Public IP Addresses

My opinion is that the security risk from having your CallManager accessible from the internet far outweighs the overhead from the VPN.


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Re: Call Manager and Public IP Addresses

Yes as long as the phoen has a IP address which is reahable by the Call Manager and the phone can reach the tftp server

That means Ip Phone needs a public IP if Call Manager has publich IP

And it is also true what BBUFFIN said above

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