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Call Manager Directory

What are the procedures or instruction to print a copy of the Corporate Directory Listing.

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Re: Call Manager Directory

The easiest way would be using a web browser. Point your browser of choice to \\ip-address-of-publisher\ccmcip\xmldirectorylist.asp. That will give you the first 32. Cut and paste what you want, then add a "&start=32" to the end of that URL to get the second set of 32. Keep incrementing that start number until you have all the names.

Of course, if this is something you'll want to do often, you could make a copy of the xmldirectorylist.asp file, go in and edit the maxListSize variable to be some number larger than the number of entries in the directory. Then you will get just one list. Just make sure that the phones still refer to the original, because the phones will not act as expected if the try to display more entries per page.

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Re: Call Manager Directory

Thanks for the instructions, however, is it possible to export the information to an excel spreadsheet?

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Re: Call Manager Directory

I know of no way to import XML data into Excel. However, it would not be too difficult to modify the asp page to format the output into a comma seperate text file, which couyld then be imported into Excel quite easily. Of course, that would require a good understanding of how the asp page works.

Re: Call Manager Directory


Look @ c:\program files\cisco\callmanagerattendant\userlists\autogenerated.txt

this is an export of the directory used for callmanager attendant consoles!

and this is a nice one too!


this is a directory listing !!!!

good luck!


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