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Call Manager dropped calls after 3 minutes

I have a CallManager4.1 that hosts around 20 IP Phones. The callmanager is integrated with a Nortel PaBX using a 2801 with E1 R2 semi-compelled signaling.

We have been experiencing disconnected outbound calls via IP Phone (Softphone and Hard Phone) after 3 minutes. We have asked our PABX vendor to check if the problem is within the Nortel PABX system. After the problem isolation, it appeared that the problem occurs only when IP Phones are making outbound calls via the PABX. We have observed also that when the outbound call has been established, the display status in the Cisco IP Phone is still Ring Out instead of Connected. This gives me a thought that the IP Phones are waiting for a ring back tone for 3 minutes even though a conversation has been established already. Then calls are disconnected upon reaching 3 minutes. Always at 3 minutes.

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Re: Call Manager dropped calls after 3 minutes

since the outbound calls go through your PaBX, it would be good to check the call manager traces for the calls.

check the traces for the call-leg to the gateway, 2801, and the call-leg out of the gateway to the PaBX.

there should be clear indication of the call status in the traces and which component, gateway or beyond, is invoking the disconnect.

it does seem clear that the problem will be at the PaBX but the traces can confirm. it seems the PaBX is not sending the proper connect codes, etc. to call manager.

see this link for more call manager trace info:

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