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Call Manager Express and Vonage like service

A local company has begun offering SIP Internet Phone service. I would love to get my office on something like this and i want to do it with Cisco but I have one question I can't find an answer for. Can i order up service from a company that if what they say is true are just providing sip trunks fire up a CME box and use these trunks like regular PSTN lines to start making calls (after some config of course)?

The provider would prefer to run a T1 to me but say it will work over any internet connection. They are pushing a product from a company called allworx to be the 'call manager' and basically all you do is give it a clear shot to the internet put in the web address of the sip provider add a jiggle here and there and you are talking.

As i said before I would really like to do it with Cisco. These folks say their hardware setup is ~ $2k less than the same size implimentation from Cisco but I don't know this allworx from Adam so...


Re: Call Manager Express and Vonage like service

Much of Cisco's early SIP work involved proof of concept-proving that SIP worked in an IP telephony environment, with traditional features such as caller ID, call hold, call transfer, and three-way calling. Capabilities such as announcing a call transfer to the recipient before connecting the call (which involves setting up a media stream prior to connecting the call) had to be tested to make sure they would work through RTP streams and SIP-to-public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateways. Similarly, TDM out-of-band signaling (which passes information such as caller ID data) had to be passed via the SIP network.

Most of the early adopters of SIP technology were young service provider companies looking to differentiate themselves by providing IP-based services. They include Vonage, the IP-based telecommunications services provider that used Cisco SIP gateways and SIP analog telephone adapters (ATAs) to launch its service in 2001, and B2, a Swedish IP-based telephony service provider. But even companies such as Microsoft saw the promise of SIP as far back as 2001, when it launched the SIP-enabled Windows Messenger Update for its MSN .Net initiative. The Windows Messenger Update enabled MSN users to make SIP-enabled voice over IP (VoIP) calls from the MSN Messenger client, with Cisco providing the SIP infrastructure to Microsoft service provider partners.

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Re: Call Manager Express and Vonage like service

Have you get the configuration you where trying?

I have a cisco 2651 with ccme 3.3 and I want to route my external calls PSTN through my SIP provider.

parameters form provider are:

login and password port 5060

I have configured this in the sip-ua but I have problems.

All of the IP phones I have behond the router try to authenticate.

I only want 1 authentication from the router

Then i need to tell the internal extensions when they have to go to the PSTN via the SIP provider.

Please can you help me? Is there any example?

Have you been successful in your deployment?

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