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Call manager h323 setup with POTS

We have recently received the ip telephoney startup kit which included call manager, two IP phones and one voice wic with 2 FXO ports. I am trying to set this up so that the IP phones can make and receive calls from the (pots) outside world. This would be great to have working in the office so that we can demo it to ourselves and customers that might come in and out office. Can you direct me the right way of how to get this going?

This is where I am right now. I have it so that the phones register with call manager. They can call each other. That’s pretty much it. I am really getting confused on this gateway/gatekeeper thing. We want this up ASAP. IF you could direct me to some documentation or sample configs I would appreciate it. I have been combing the web site for almost a week with no luck.

Thank you

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Re: Call manager h323 setup with POTS


Have you tried to set up your gateways as mgcp? You can set up the 2 FXO in a 2600 (for example) and run mgcp between the gateway and Call Manager. The 2600 is set up as a gateway under Devices and then you define the ports. Once that is done, you can map each FXO port to a Call Manager defined extension for DID calls.

This link should help

Give it a try. Lemme know.

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