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Call Manager IP address

Has anyone successfully changed the IP address of the call manager cluster? We need to shift to another VLAN as part of a standardization project but am not sure what the impact is and haven't found much documentation on the process.



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Re: Call Manager IP address

Yes we changed our call managers to a different VLAN.

First change the CM's IP's

Update WINS/DNS or host/lmhost files with new info

Modify Gateways, etc.

Remove existing DHCP information from DHCP scope

Create a new scope for IP Phones with new CM details in (i.e. for TFTP) and new VLAN details

reset all the phones so they get new IP addresses



Re: Call Manager IP address


It's the one thing you can change, just don't try changing the server name.

As David said, make sure you update any LMhosts / WINS / DNS at the same time. Otherwise you end up with a broken subscription between the publisher and subscribers and then you really DO need help!.


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Re: Call Manager IP address

Forgot also you will need to update any AC installs and need to update unity TSP if using either of these.

Might also have to look at IPMA if running 3.3, but havenot set this up as yet so don't quote me on IPMA :-)



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Re: Call Manager IP address

Thanks for the quick responses... I truely was expecting it to be more cumbersome. :)


Cisco Employee

Re: Call Manager IP address

The procedure is described in this document:

There are a couple of things not mentioned like updating dns/wins/hosts/lmhosts files. please make certain to get all name resolution updated otherwise CCM will not start or SQL and DCDirectory replication will fail.

The other addition to all this is to update the "plugins" links. This is done through CCMAdmin in 3.3 and later versions. In CCM 3.2 and earlier, this is stored in a static table in the CCM database so you have to edit the table directly to make the "plugins" link from /CCMAdmin work correctly.

There are additional concerns if you are using Extension Mobility or running Apps/CRS on your CCM server. Currently apps/CRS requires re-running the install after changing the ip address of the server. You can do this without harming your existing setup, it chanes the IP in the 100 or so places CRS stores the IP.


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Re: Call Manager IP address

I need to change a pub & sub ip addresses and physically move them. Plan is to shut down pub first & move it before doing subscriber in order to minimize downtime. Does anyone know if there is a max. amount of time I can keep the cluster disconnected before having sql problems ?



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