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Call Manager, Personal Assistant, and Active Directory

Currently our Call Manager servers are in workgroups and not part of our AD domain. We have Personal Assistant set up, but when we search the Corporate Directory only the users extension is listed. The other information that is listed in AD (cell phone, home phone, etc.) don't show up. I was told this is because the Corporate Directory is based off the Call Managers LDAP directory, is that correct?

So this brings me to my real questions. We have been told that we could add our Call Managers to the AD domain, or we could use the Cisco Customer Directory Configuration Plugin. Either way it sounds like this would integrate Call Manager with our AD. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to either option? In the Call Manager documentation one of the setup steps says to remove the server from the domain before installing the software. Why would you want to do this?

Thanks for the help.



Re: Call Manager, Personal Assistant, and Active Directory

When you run the Cisco Cutomer Directory Configuration Plugin, you do not need to put the CCM servers in the domain. They will just AD as the LDAP source. When you do this, you will also need to change the information on the Personal Assistant servers to point to AD. And the reason it asks to remove the server from the domain while performing upgrades, Cisco does not want AD policies effecting the upgrade.



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Re: Call Manager, Personal Assistant, and Active Directory

Ok, well after reading this responce and doing some check with Cisco we decided to install the Customer Directory Configuration Plugin on the CallManagers. Once we did this, I looked up what we needed to do to change PA so that it would be looking at AD as well. We tried making the changes but they would save. So we opened a case with Cisco, and were told that the directory settings could only be made during install, and that all we would need to do is reinstall PA and the settings would come back. So this morning that is what we did. The end result is that the directory settings for AD were pulled in from the CallManagers, but none of the other settings that had been made to PA were brought in.

We still have the case open with Cisco, but does anyone have any suggestion on how we can get the config back from the DC Directory on the CallManager servers so that we can see what changes need to be made?


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Re: Call Manager, Personal Assistant, and Active Directory

From your message it sounds like you lost the Personal Assistant configuration information that was previously stored in DCD. Reinstalling PA should have let you repoint PA to AD for it's configuration container, and PA should now be working fine, but all the individual users settings were "lost".

This information still exists in DC Directory, and you can reenable/start the DCD service on the publisher and go into DCD Admin without any impact if you are curious and want to look at it. In the DCD Admin tool you should find it under Cisco / CCN / CiscoPA or something to that effect. Be sure to disable DCD when you are done peeking.

Unfortunately moving the configuration data from DC to AD by hand might not be very easy or even workable. I don't know of any tools that let you export this data from DCD (though there are tools that let you export/import data from/to AD).

I think when you make a directory move such as this you lose all the PA user configuration data, and I don't know that there is any easy way to get it back. Let us know if TAC comes up with something for you, but I'm afraid you may have to go out to your users and ask them to recreate their rules/etc.

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Re: Call Manager, Personal Assistant, and Active Directory

What we ended up doing was to uninstall the AD plug-in, and reinstall PA so that it pulls all of the information from the DC Directory. Then when and got screen captures of the PA configuration. Once all of that was done, we installed the AD plug-in and reinstalled PA again so that it would get the AD information. Then we applied all of the settings from the screen captures to PA.

Everything is the same (except for the AD info on the Corporate Directory Settings page), but PA doesn't intercept any calls. Also applying this plug-in messed with TAPS.

As far as the PA rules for users, we just started installing the phones. So not many users have created rules.

This plug-in has not been as simple as installing it, like we were lead to believe.

Re: Call Manager, Personal Assistant, and Active Directory

When you run the AD Plugin, you will still have to create the users that are associated with the CTI ports for PA and TAPS. Create those users in AD and associate them in CCM and that should fix the issue. Any CTI/JTAPI application that you were using will now have to have a user in AD.

The users information, such as dialing rules, is stored in LDAP. When you change LDAP stores, that information is not carried over.

New Member

Re: Call Manager, Personal Assistant, and Active Directory

Here is what we ended up finding out. When we installed PA it pulled in information from AD for the Global Directory Settings, but in the process the Unique User Attribute needed to be set to sAMAccountName, and the Directory Search Filter needed to be set to (&(objectclass=user)(objectcategory=Person)(legacyExchangeDN=*)).

We also needed to change the office phone number in AD so that it only had the users extension. We originally had the full 10-digit number.

We also needed to use the passwordutils command to generate the encrypted password for CCM Administrator, CCM SysUser, and IPMA SysUser. Once the encrypted password was generated we had to put it in the registry for those three accounts on all of the CallManager servers.

Once those three things were changed PA started intercepting our phone calls and applying rules like it did before we applied the AD plug-in.

However, we have one more minor issue with this. When a user logs into there pauseradmin account to set up there rules they can't find any of the users when searching the Global Directory. Does anyone have a suggestion on what to check there, while we wait on TAC?

Thanks for all of the reply's. They have all been very helpful in learning the in's and out's of VoIP.