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Call Manager Question (Speed Dial)

I have a quick question for Call Manager admins out there. Our company is looking to implement a speed dial for all of our phone users, I was wondering what would be the quickest way to insert/apply a speed dial company wide to an existing phone?

Thanks for the help.


Re: Call Manager Question (Speed Dial)

Using BAT is the best way to go:

Step 1 In the Phone or User Device Profile Template Configuration window, choose the template for which you want to add speed dial(s)

Step 2 Click Add/Update Speed Dials in the upper, right corner of the window.

A popup window displays. In this window, you can designate speed-dial buttons for Cisco IP Phones and expansion modules. The phone button template in use for this BAT template determines the number of available speed-dial buttons.

Step 3 In the Speed Dial Settings for Phone area, enter the phone number, including any access or long-distance codes, in the Speed Dial Number field.

Step 4 In the Label field, enter a label that corresponds to the speed-dial number.

Step 5 In the Speed Dial Settings not associated with a button area, you can set abbreviated speed dials for applicable IP phone models by repeating Step 3 and Step 4.

Step 6 Click Update and Close.

BAT inserts the speed-dial settings in the template, and the popup window closes."

Here is a link to the actual doc:

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Re: Call Manager Question (Speed Dial)


I updated the template now how do I apply it to an existing set of phones? Sorry as this is the first time I'm using this tool.

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Re: Call Manager Question (Speed Dial)


Re: Call Manager Question (Speed Dial)

Export all your profiles, delete the existing then import all. change your Speed Dials using Excel. You may need a BARS backup in case somethings goes wrong when you delete and then import. Restoring with BARS is easy. If this is too complicated just give your Users the http://CCMadress/ccmuser its much better so they can customise theire Phones.


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Re: Call Manager Question (Speed Dial)

I think it is not a good solution. I also have the same concern ,but have no answer.

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Re: Call Manager Question (Speed Dial)

Another approch is to create dummy cti ports and set CFAll to the desired destination, this way you can simply dial that speed dial from any device.


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