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Call Manager Question?


Scenario of Hub site is in USA and topology as follows:

PSTN E1 -- 2811 Router-- Switch -- Call Manager

WAN ROuter 2851 --- Branch 1 MGCP Router--- PBX E1

Remark: Branch 1 is in CA

Users from inside office are able to call Branch 1 no problem. The question is that, we need if somebody calls from PSTN in USA to be able to call CA through the call Manager? This feature as long as I know is called Hub-through feature and it is possible to be done on traditional PBX. A user dials from PSTN when he is prompted by call manager attendant he can dial the remote branch.

Any ideas if this can be done on Cisco Call Manager and how? Just give me keys and I work it out?

Thank you so much in advance,


Re: Call Manager Question?

From what i can see that is simple OFF-NET to on-net. if we have IP connectivity (which you do) to branch one, and branch one is an MGCP router, then once the PSTN caller can reach the CCM he or she can reach anywhere, once you permit.

therefore, how will the PSTN user reach the CCM?

IF YOUR CCM is you primary system with autoattendant, then he or she can simply dial the number and it should go though (Once your CSS and partitions are working properly).

NOTE: that im assuming that the person that configured it didnt allow for this because of some type of Toll-fraud issue. therefore be aware of the impacts as well.


Re: Call Manager Question?

The customer has CCM as the auto-attendant. You say that since i have a pattern for branch1 and since the auto-attendant do accept this pattern the call will go through to the remote branch right? Even if the call is comming from PSTN first.

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Re: Call Manager Question?

wow, i know this is long overdue and apologies for leaving yah to wonder. was in the process of opening a business. did you get this resolved?

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