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Call Manager Redundancy issue

The customer setup consist of three call manager servers in a cluster - CCM1, CCM2 and CCM3. CCM1 and CCM3 are subscribers and CCM2 is the publisher. The CCM version is 3.1(4b) and phone load is 405.

We configured two call manager group - Group A consist of CCM1, CCM3 and CCM2. Group B consist of CCM3, CCM1 and CCM2. As you can see, the subscriber CCM are the active call manager servers and publiser is the standby call manager server.

Some IP phones were registered to Group A and some were registered to Group B.

We perform a proper server shutdown for CCM1, we noticed the IP phones registered to CCM1 started to reboot and comes up after 30 seconds. It is strange that the IP phones will reboot because the IP telephony redundancy should "kick in". My understanding was when the active CCM fails, the secondary CCM should take over.

Then we shutdown CCM3, the same thing happen, the IP phones registered to group B starts to reboot and comes up after 30 seconds.

We did the above mentioned test by just disconnecting the subscriber CCM from the network, this time, the IP Telephony redundancy works, the IP phones do not reboot but will register with the standby Call Manager server ( standby becomes active ), the IP phone screen did a refresh, a split second thing.

Anybody could advice me on whether it is proper the IP phone to reboot and rehome to the next Call Manager server when a proper server shutdown is carried out on the active CCM ?

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Re: Call Manager Redundancy issue

I do not think you have that level of redundancy available. If a given CM goes down all phones registered to it will go get reset and will look for a new CM. So I would say this is a expected behaviour.

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