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Call Manager Service Stops 3.2(1)

This past week I've had my call manager service stop on my unexpectedly -- each time with the following error:

The Cisco CallManager service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1 time(s). The following corrective action will be taken in 60000 milliseconds: Restart the service.

This has happened:

3/7/2002 1:45:47PM

3/5/2002 1:32:48PM

2/28/2002 1:25:10PM

2/27/2002 7:54:51AM

No other events are logged, and power and network stuff appears to be normal during those times.

The only thing I've done recently is install the ART stuff... So, I've gone in to ART and manually scheduled it's "okay to insert data" times to off-peak hours...

in the mean while, anyone else have any ideas?

If not, what is the proper way to uninstall ART? Add remove programs? or is that asking for more trouble...


P.S.: When I say the only thing I've changed was adding ART, I, of course, am not mentioning my upgrade to CM 3.2 from 3.0... that happened 2/16/2002... no other errors in between...

Cisco Employee

Re: Call Manager Service Stops 3.2(1)

We would need to look at detailed CCM and SDL traces to try and determine the root cause. I suggest opening a TAC case and working with an engineer to try and solve this issue. Just curious are you getting a doctor watson at this time or do you just see that error message in the event viewer.

Thank you,


New Member

Re: Call Manager Service Stops 3.2(1)

I've had that exact same issue. On 3/5 my 3.2(1) Call Manager Service stoped 6 times between 10am and 12noon. The only event log is the one tell you the service has reset. Tac was in the server when the 6th restart occured. I have a P1 case open.

What IOS are you using on your gateway. The night before the crash I changed the IOS on my 2600 router to 12.2.3 to fix a MOH issue. Tac had me install 12.2.6a. Tac also had me upgrade the TSP for Unity 3.1 to 6.0.1. The only other change I made the night before was removing the g729br8 from my codec class. I put it back of course. Since changing the codec class, IOS, and TSP the service hasn't stopped again. knock on wood The tac case is still open and debug tracing is on for all the services.

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