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Call-Manager SPAN issues

Hi, we've call-manager setup (1 publisher, 1 subscriber and 1 music-on-hold servers). Customer added a voice-recording server and thus I did some port spanning and destined all the traffics to the port where the recording server connected to our core switch.

Here's the config:

monitor session 1 source vlan xxx , xxx

monitor session 1 destin int <int_to_voice_recording_server>

the recording server vendor is complaining they can't see the traffics goes to the server, i tried to put on a sniifer (ethereal) and make some calls, i did saw the packets flow through but when I select the SKINNY protocol, highlighted on the "SelectSoftKeyMessage" and the vendor is complaining under the Skinny Client Control Protocol, they can't see the calling and called party, that's the main reason their software can't catch the call...

I just want to clarify whether its my ccm or my port spanning feature that cause the SCCP protocol doesn't equipped with calling and called party, anyone experience this problem before? kindly advise, thanks


Re: Call-Manager SPAN issues

SCCP will provide the information that the call recording needs to see such as calling name and number.

what is the call recording vendor? telRex?

their solution is easy and very effective.

(turn on SPAN for the VLAN and Oi'la!)

try to setup SPAN to span only one VLAN or port and test again. if successful, then you can continue to add more VLANs/ports to the SPAN.

if not successful, verify the Recording Server has the proper NIC plugged into the SPAN port. the call recording server may have two NICs. one for connection to the IP network for administration and one for connection to the SPAN port.

the SPAN port NIC does not require an IP Address, it only needs to be enabled.

(should not be able to ping the server NIC used for SPAN; if it is pingable, then the NIC is not plugged into the SPAN port or your SPAN is not operational)

use the 'show monitor' command to view the monitor/SPAN operation.

if all else fails, double check that your SPAN port is receiving the data by placing your sniffer into that port; place a call and then verify if the span port is receiving your phone traffic.

if the SPAN port does receive the phone traffic as seen by your sniffer, then there is an issue with the call recording server or its configuration.

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Re: Call-Manager SPAN issues

the span port is receiving the phone traffic, but in the SKINNY protocol, i can't see any calling and called party...that's what the recording server vendor complaining about, i can't do anything as I saw the packets went through, but it does not tell the calling party number

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Re: Call-Manager SPAN issues

the attached file is what i sniffed from the SPAN port...under the SCCP section, the vendor stressing it should have some calling party number so that their software can read it and display that true?

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Re: Call-Manager SPAN issues

hi, anyone could shed some lights here?


Re: Call-Manager SPAN issues

the single frame you have provided in your attachment is but one of many SCCP messages your connection will have. the shown frame does not have the 'callingPartyNumber' but there is a SCCP frame that does. it is the 'SKINNY CallInfoMessage' frame.

(you should see this frame afer the 'keypad button' frames, when the entire digit string has been entered and ccm performs its digit analysis)

the top seven lines of this frame contain the calling/called party name & number.

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Re: Call-Manager SPAN issues

hi, finally the problem solved, the recording server vendor use the other sniffer of their own and managed to capture the phone traffic, thanks

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