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Call Manager SQL authentication

When trying to export CDR data from my publisher I'm getting this error: "Login failed for user 'sa'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL server connection. I know this has to do with the SQL server being set for Windows authentication. Would I be causing any harm changing the authentication to "mixed mode" Windows & SQL?

Call Manager 4.0(2a)sr2b




Re: Call Manager SQL authentication

It should not cause any harm to reconfigure for mixed mode authentication, but the "best solution" is to use Windows authentication if you can, as recommended by Cisco.

This article discusses the change:

As noted in the article, the change away from mixed mode authentication was made to "ease administration" and reduce the number of passwords users have to remember. Additionally, windows authentication is preferred by Microsoft as more secure than SQL Server authentication.

You may need to disable the Cisco Security Agent running on CallManager in order to make the change (and then re-enable the CSA after the change is made). You may also need to reboot the CallManager server to get the change to take effect.

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Re: Call Manager SQL authentication


I am better with Windows Authentication as per Cisco recommendation. However, I need to connect to any CCM Server across the campus and pull CDRs using this method.

There is a default Windows and SQL user called CCMCDR on any CCM installation. Can I use this user to log into the CDR database? My problem is that I do not know the default password for it.

Before version CCM 4.0 there was default passwords like 'dipsy'. Any ideas?


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Re: Call Manager SQL authentication

should one schedule a scheduled downtime when the security setting is changed from windows to mixed mode? is there anything else one should be aware of when doing this?

Re: Call Manager SQL authentication

I've done this a few times - when I did it with CCM running, the system blocked for quite some time. When I first shut down all CCM services and made the change, it was really painless so my suggestion would be to schedule a downtime to make the change.

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